High School

Giving students a significant head start on the requirements for college studies and life

A great leader is determined by a person's integrity, work ethic, contributions, creativity and discipline. Crosspoint Warrior high school students are provided exactly what they need to become confident leaders of tomorrow.

On the Crosspoint Warrior campus, we do everything possible to ensure each child is cared for and given the opportunity to mature, grow emotionally and spiritually, spend valuable time with friends, and succeed academically.

Our goal is to help students solve real life problems through our unique approach to learning which is delivered through: collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, contemplation and reflection, and cultural competence.

For further information or to schedule a school tour, please call our admissions office at 360.377.7700 or click here.

Concurrent Credits

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors have the opportunity to take college-level courses to prepare for higher learning. We currently offer these concurrent courses on our Bremerton Campus (as numbers permit): Communications 1220, 199, and 2120; English 101, 102 and 105; Theatre 107; Art Painting I 2410 and Drawing I 1040; Theatre Scene Technology 267.01 and Speech 1220. Students receive not only the high school credits on their record, but also transcript credits from participating universities. Please contact our Bremerton campus office at 360.377.7700 for more information.

Did you know...

Our Average College Scholarship Award for 2014 seniors was $80,672 dollars.

SAT National 2014 average score: 1500
SAT National 2013 average score: 1500

SAT State 2014 average score:  1537
SAT State 2013 average score:  1560

Crosspoint's SAT 2014 average score for seniors: 1660
Crosspoint's SAT 2013 average score for seniors: 1804

ACT National 2014 average score:  20.9
ACT National 2013 average score:  21.1

ACT State 2014 average score:  22.8
ACT State 2014 average score:  22.9

Crosspoint's ACT 2014 average score for seniors was 27.2
Crosspoint's ACT 2013 average score for seniors was 24

Washington State Honors Award
The Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction awards the Washington State Honors Award to the top 10% of graduating seniors in all the high schools in the state of Washington. A combination of high school grades and college admission test scores are used each year to determine who falls into that top 10% in Washington State. This year 50% of our senior class was part of that 10% among all high school seniors in the state.

College Acceptances

Air Force Academy
Arizona State
Azusa Pacific University
Baylor University
Biola University
Boston College
Boston University
Calvin College
Carroll College
Chapman University
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
Lehigh University
Les Roches School of Hotel Management
Liberty University
Georgia Tech
George Fox University
Gonzaga University
Hillsdale College
Hofstra University
Hope College
James Madison University
Multnomah University
Northwestern College
Oklahoma Baptist
Parsons School of Design
Pepperdine University
Princeton University
Purdue University
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Seattle University
Seattle Pacific University
Texas A&M
Trinity University
Trinity Western University
Virginia Tech
University of Arizona
University of Buffalo
University of Cape Town
University of Idaho
University of Oregon
University of Pennsylvania
University of Portland
University of San Francisco
University of Washington
U.S. Naval Academy
Washington State
Western Washington University
Whitworth University
Willamette College





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