Zoolkoski, Cyndi

Cyndi Zoolkoski - Middle School Science
Middle School ASB Advisor

My path to a teaching career came gradually. After community college in California, I earned a degree in Psychology from Luther College in Iowa. Several non-teaching jobs followed. Later, I felt called to a teaching career, so I returned to school, and earned my teaching certificate and a master's degree in education. In 1994, I accepted a position with this school, teaching 7th and 8th grade science for the next 11 years. In 2005, I took an absence from teaching to begin a family, and was blessed with two amazing children. I then returned to Crosspoint (with my kids!) in 2013 and resumed my previous assignment of teaching middle school science.

In addition to raising my children during my interval away from Crosspoint, I was able to work high-end retail, teaching adult basic education to the homeless and recovering addicts and developing a passion for nutrition which allowed me to give various lectures throughout the state of Washington. I also felt a longing to return to teaching in a school setting, not knowing where that would be. So, I am excited to be back as a part of the Crosspoint Academy family teaching and serving in the middle school. Along each adventure, God has taken the desire of my heart and given me steps I could not have even dreamed up. With a love so deep and a sense of humor as well, God truly has a plan for my life and I am excited to see what He has planned next. "In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps." Proverbs 16: 9


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